Truth can be crazier than fiction. But is it fashionable today?

Today’s advancements of technology allows for immediate news and immediate response. This opens a window of opportunity for a rational democracy to act more swiftly and or more reasonably in response to data and facts.  It also opens up opportunity for emotional or propaganda-based exchange of information to twist democracy toward irrational behavior.  I want to make clear.  I do not view irrational behavior as conforming to some political ideology.  I view irrational behavior as behavior based largely upon email or false data.  We have all behaved irrationally at some point in time, allowing our “fast-thinking” self to overwhelm our “slow-thinking”, data-driven, reasoning self.

Case in point.  If we consume the constant stream of data from social media on our current administration, our mind will quickly categorize it based upon our biases. We see stories immediately as confirming our views or contradictory and consequently wrong.  We need real DATA in order to slow us down.  To bring us to a place of discussion.

Now I will put on my own bias hat and ask you to take a moment, slow down your thinking and compare the Politifact rating for Barak Obama with that of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Digest this and start asking yourself questions about what you want from your leaders.  We may disagree on this point, but at least we all have the data for discussion.


Inspiration is important in any journey of discovery because it can provide the energy to push through roadblock.  The journey into art, whether it starts early in life or late, whether it is a slow process or instantaneous gives flavor to the way our senses react to art.

One of my teachers and mentors and an inspiration who pushed me to new levels of understanding and enjoyment of art has been Kimberly Trowbridge.  The way she interprets the world around us, her fascination with color and he gift as a teacher has brought joy to my art journey and allowed my to push past the fear of art, the fear of others seeing and judging my art and instead dive into the pure enjoyment of creating art.

Two Women (Collage)

As we find the paths on our life journey, find your inspirations, they are all around you and use the well.

Our Common Vulnerability

Today we are witness to strange and interesting times.  Standards of common behavior change daily.  Some of these changes can be judged to make our world more open, accepting of differences and tolerant of diverse viewpoints.  We do not feel as constrained to live and behave according to some preconceived norm as our parents did. Some of these changes generate fear as we see our vulnerabilities exposed.  Lets pause a moment and reflect.  We are all vulnerable and as human beings we share the fragility of the flesh.  We may not show it, we may not even feel it, but in the end we are vulnerable.  The tiniest pin-prick can lay low the strongest of us.  The smallest word can hurt the most self-confident of us.  Whether we are a person of power and wealth yearning for acceptance or a poor refugee looking for a safe place to rest our heads and shelter our families, the simple fact is that our vulnerabilities are very real.  As we debate and argue the issues of our day, as we scream against the onslaught of those we do not understand, as we weep for lost opportunities, rest in the knowledge that we all do this and we all share this common struggle to be heard.  Stop, reflect and listen, then perhaps you will better be able to speak and be heard.