It is my belief that clarity of vision should be a centerpiece of many aspects of our lives.  Whether in business, science, art or literature, striving for clarity of perspective enhances our goals and improves our ability to achieve them.  Gaining clarity, though, is often difficult amidst the ambiguities of opinion or lack of data.  Also one should not confuse CLARITY with TRUTH.   In these pages I do not strive to find truths, although if I stumble across these beautiful nuggets, I will collect and cherish them.  I strive for the clarity that emboldens and focuses our individual journeys.  In my simple view, a first step towards clarity is to attempt to view our world with “wide eyes”. By this, I imply both openness to new ideas, but just as importantly, imbued with a sense of innocence and freshness.  So often we see our world through the stained-glass of time, age or experience. This can, can at times distort what the innocent might see.  Many of the young women in Mucha’s Slav Epic are captured with a gaze rife with clarity, sometimes with fear, seeing for the first time, perhaps the terrible future before them, sometimes with hope or uncertainty.  Clarity, whether viewing the fearful or wondrous, the hopeful or desperate, the beautiful or hideous, is imperative in seeing the paths we might take, the goals we might set or the wondrous things we might achieve.   In these pages I hope to explore themes of science, art and life and perhaps see these things more clearly through this lens of analysis, introspection and discussion.


Thoughts on critical thinking, reasoning, order and science.

Truth or Fiction? Being data-driven is more critical today than ever!


Thoughts and images that inspire.

Inspiration is key to developing your artist self.